GU272 is dedicated to preserving the memorycommemorating the lives and restoring the honor of the 272 enslaved people sold by the Jesuits of the Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus in 1838, and others before and after them who were sold as well. As Descendants, we commit to reconciling the enslavement of our ancestorsreconnecting families and renewing ties lost.

Understand Our History

In 1838, the Maryland Jesuits and Georgetown University sold more than 272 enslaved people from Jesuit-owned tobacco plantations in southern Maryland to Henry Johnson and Jesse Batey - two plantation owners in southern Louisiana. Today, these enslaved people,a long with those owned/sold before, during, and after 1838, are known collectively as the GU272 - Maryland Diaspora. 

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Learn About Membership

The GU272 Descendants Association offers membership options for descendants of the GU272 - Maryland Diaspora, as well as others who support the importance of our work.  We invite you to explore our association's benefits and the process to join.

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Collaborate with Us

The GU272 Descendants Association seeks to partner with individuals and organizations that share our commitment to achieving Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation regarding the legacy of slavery in America. 

Together, we choose to honor the legacy of our ancestors, while educating future generations.

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